sobota, 20 maja 2017

Focus on Amber Heard hair: messy bun

One of Amber's favorite hairstyle is a messy bun. She chooses it for oficcial events on red carpet and private, on a daily basis. Of course, the red carpet version is more glamorous. This is a comfortable and girly hairstyle and actress looks fresh and younger in it.

Amber Heard style hair updo

Beach blonde waves pinned in the bun. Look at that lace on her back!

Amber Heard style hair updo

Super volume version

Amber Heard style messy bun

Ballet bun, plum lips and floral lace dress in coral.

Amber Heard dog pistol

Cute! Amber Heard and her dog. (via

Amber Heard street style dog

Comfortable and lazy, perfect for a daily walk with a dog.

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  1. She looks pretty in this hairstyle!