środa, 31 maja 2017

Sporty look Amber Heard is back from training

Amber Heard probably lived in the gym. Recently we often see her in gym clothes and without make-up. No wonder, the actress must take care of the form. The last few months she spent on hard training and martial arts. All because she is preparing for the role of superhero Mera in the new Justice League movie.

Amber Heard street style no make up training

Amber heard was caught by the paparazzi when she left the workout. She went to the pickup point to pick up the parcels. She was dressed in black Lorna Jane leggings with sheer panels with a US Blanks T-shirt, sunglasses and Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 shoes. Actress has also her favorite Salvatore Ferragamo Rosette handbag.

Amber Heard fit training style

Amber Heard training street style fit

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czwartek, 25 maja 2017

Amber Heard has a new car. It's Tesla Model S

Amber Heard is known for her love of cars. Actress owns vintage Ford Mustang 1968 (restored for her by her ex-husband Johnny Depp) and the black Range Rover she received after divorcing Johnny Depp. Now to her collection of cars has joined the gift from her new partner - Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a billionaire and technological tycoon, owns Tesla Motors. No wonder, he decided to give his new girl Tesla Model S. As you can see, the actress uses a car every day.

Amber Heard Tesla Model S

"The multi-billionaire gifted one of his fancy electric cars to the 31-year-old during a months-long campaign to win her affections, it has been claimed." - Daily Mail wroted.
"Billionaire Elon Musk 'gave Amber Heard a Tesla during months-long campaign to woo her'" - Daily Mail provided.

Evidently Adam knew how to get Amber's heart. Apparently, he has long tried to dating with actress. They both divorced with their spouses at a similar time. Their paths were in favorable circumstances. Elon decided to decided to use favorable conditions and gave the car to his friend Amber.

Amber Heard style pink hair

Amber Heard street style mom

Amber Heard street style pink hair

Amber Heard style shirt and hat look

Returning to the actress's appearance. On that day she wore black jeans, a white top with a mesh insert, a black hat and a black shirt with rolled up sleeves. Amber chose the Proenza Schouler Woven Mixed Media Mules. These are stylish striped mules. Do you like her look?

wtorek, 23 maja 2017

TREND: Amber Heard in kimono spotted on street

Amber Heard's style has changed a lot over the years. Once upon a time she preferred very feminine and sexy dresses, platinum blonde hair and pin-up eyeliner, but now she is queen of eclecticism. See her look with kimono jacket!

Amber Heard street style kimono boho

Her extravagant and unique style distinguishes her from other celebrities. You can see her love of clothes from the best designers, boho and vintage items that she selects and mixes. Amber Heard is a fashion icon and a lot of women follow her unique style.

Some time ago Amber was caught on the street in Beverly Hills, where she went to have lunch with a friend. She was wearing high waisted jeans, a black basic t-shirt, several necklaces and cut out Maison Margiela shoes. The element that caught most attention was the vintage red kimono. Probably made of silk and found in vintage store or flea market. Kimono had stylish holes, so it did not look too pretentious for daily basis. You can see the influence of ex-husband in Amber's style - Johnny Depp is known for destroyed trousers and hats. All the styling is completed by the dissolved hair (later in the bun) and red nails. Actress make-up was very minimalist, in the style of make up no make up. I admit that this Amber's look very fell to my liking, is cool, with an artistic claw. Such kimono style jacket is now a hot trend and a good choice for a bit cooler spring days.

Amber Heard street style kimono vintage

Amber Heard street style kimono jeans

Amber Heard street style boho look

Amber Heard fashion icon style

pics: justjared.com

niedziela, 21 maja 2017

Amber Heard as Mera in Justic League Aquaman

The first photo of Amber Heard playing the role of Mera - Aquaman's wife and queen of Atlantidae. Warner Bros has released the official image of superhero in Justice League. The premiere will be in November 2017. Amber will play a much bigger role in the next superheroes adventure movie - Aquaman (in cinemas in late 2018).

Amber Heard as Mera in Justice League Aquaman

You have to admit that Amber Heard is really impressive in the costume of Mery. Previously speculated that due to weight loss due to failures in private life, the costume was not well laid on the actress and the photos to the movie were delayed. Apparently the problem was resolved. The actress recently spends all her days in the gym and working under the supervision of a martial arts coach. Her muscular silhouette looks perfect in a green scaled costume.

sobota, 20 maja 2017

Focus on Amber Heard hair: messy bun

One of Amber's favorite hairstyle is a messy bun. She chooses it for oficcial events on red carpet and private, on a daily basis. Of course, the red carpet version is more glamorous. This is a comfortable and girly hairstyle and actress looks fresh and younger in it.

Amber Heard style hair updo

Beach blonde waves pinned in the bun. Look at that lace on her back!

Amber Heard style hair updo

Super volume version

Amber Heard style messy bun

Ballet bun, plum lips and floral lace dress in coral.

Amber Heard dog pistol

Cute! Amber Heard and her dog. (via instagram.com/amberheard)

Amber Heard street style dog

Comfortable and lazy, perfect for a daily walk with a dog.