Friday, August 5, 2022

Where did Amber Heard get the money for the appeal?

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In recent days, Amber Heard's situation has improved significantly. Amber managed to get money for bond, so she can appeal! Earlier, her lawyer claimed that her client absolutely didn't have that amount of money. Meanwhile, Actress has sold her home in the Yucca Valley. However, it is not entirely clear where the actress obtained the amount of money from, but it must be remembered that in the circle of her friends there are billionaires and very influential and wealthy people. Earlier, Elon Musk covered part of her financial obligations to charities and negotiated on her behalf the payment in installments. Maybe the actress could count on their help this time? We don't know that ... As if that was not enough, the actress can still count on lucrative cooperation with powerful concerns such as L'oreal!

One thing is certain - despite the interrupted lawsuit, the actress's situation, both financial and professional, is not bad! Recently, Amber was dressed in a lair while traveling in a private jet. And recently she was caught in Israel, probably on vacation with friends.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Did Amber Heard make campaign on GoFoundMe to raise money?

Amber Heard donation
One of fake campaign blocked by GoFundMe

Let today's post be a warning to all fans who would like to financially support Amber Heard. There are many fake campaigns to raise money online. GoFundMe has blocked several of these - NyPost alarms. Internet scammers are not idle and use the situation to deceive the actress's fans.


So far, Amber Head hasn't announced any official fundraising efforts to support her, so be careful and check any donation campaigns.

What is the current Amber Heard's financial situation?

Under the court verdict, Anna is required to pay Johnny Depp $ 10 million in compensatory damages and $ 350,000 in punitive damages (the court reduced this amount from $ 5 million, because Virginia law says that the maximum amount of punitive damagen may be $ 350,000). Johnny is to pay Amber $ 2 million in damages for the actress's accusation by his lawyer of fraud. As it is easy to calculate, the actress is obliged to pay her ex-husband $ 8,350,000. Her lawyer said in an interview that her client was absolutely unable to pay the amount. In her opinion, Amber will appeal to the court's judgment. However, here's the problem: for that to be possible, she would have to pay the full amount of compensation in the form of a bail. Also, filing for bankruptcy does not help much, according to Ronald Richards, a Los Angeles lawyer: "The award is not dischargeable," says Los Angeles attorney Ronald Richards. Punitive damages are never deductible or dischargeable. Intentional torts like defamation are typically not dischargeable." 


The situation is not looking good and Amber will have to obtain funds from somewhere, either for the payment of compensation or for bail, in order to be able to appeal to the verdict.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Why did Amber Heard lose in court?

Amber Heard lost in court
Steve Helber/Pool via REUTERS

 It seems that this verdict came as a surprise fo everyone. Amber Heard lost in court and is owed compensation to the actor. Many people wonder what mistake she made and why she did not manage to convince the jurors of her version of events. After a legal fight, one of the jurors decided to speak out.

The aforementioned juror, who spoke on TikTok two days after the announcement of the sentence, wished to remain anonymous. However, he answered a series of questions about the backstage of the trial and the jurors' debate.

It turns out that after six weeks of the trial, not all jurors stood up against Depp, but "a compromise was reached". The source also said directly that no one hated Heard, and described the attitude towards the actress as "lack of empathy."

As it turned out, the change of attitude to the case of lay judges was caused by a detail that was not directly related to the pending case. It is about a declaration of donation and charity with the money that the actress received after the divorce, that is about 5 years ago.

The informant also pointed to the moment when Amber Heard lost in the eyes of the jurors. It happened when the actress testified in the case of the $ 7 million that she received from Depp in her divorce and was to donate the entire amount to charity. During the trial, the truth emerged that Heard had only given up part of the money, even though five years had passed since the divorce.

However, Amber Heard had nothing to complain about and repeated that she had spent the entire amount on the declared purpose. The actress used the word "pledged", meaning "to pledge". Depp's lawyer persisted and asked her directly if she had "donated" the entire amount. Heard stood by her side and explained that "donate" and "pledge" were synonyms for her.

The informant revealed that it was because of this fight against the words that Heard lost in the eyes of the jurors. And then hardly anyone believed in her version of events.

My dog stepped on a bee 🐝


Amber Heard my dog stepped on a bee

The echoes of Amber Heard and Johnny Dep are still heard (sic!) after the court trial. There is a lot of speculation on the gossip and news portals about the future career of the actress and her complicated financial situation. The internet turned red hot and it cost everyone a lot of nerves - both of them and their fans. To ease the tension, we remind you of the funniest moment in a lawsuit, which has already had many parodies in social media. The actress is famous for her amazing sense of humor and distance to herself.

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Enjoy it. Nestext post will be very intresting, about something that has not yet been here (perhaps you already guessed it). To be written next time and stay tuned!