wtorek, 28 lutego 2017

Amber Heard OSCARS 2017 best dress ever

This year, Amber Heard surprised everyone. On her private account on Instagram she posted a picture in which you can see her in a bathrobe in bed with their dogs: Pistol and Boo. This is how the actress spent the Oscars 2017 gala - in bed watching television. Apparently she has had enough of the limelight. Besides she training hard on the set of Aquaman, so she chose a relaxing evening instead of the red carpet. We hope that the well-deserved rest he went.

Amber heard Oscars 2017 in bed

"Best Oscar gown and accessories ever!" - Amber signed picture.

Private Amber Heard Account on Instagram is here: https://www.instagram.com/amberheard/

wtorek, 17 stycznia 2017

Amber Heard Instagram name

In the new year the Amber Heard joined to Instagram. She has a private account available only for friends.  Her profile egsists since Jan. 7. Howover,  she didn't decide to register an official profile for the fans so far. On the web you can see a short video in which the actress says what is her nickname.

Amber's nickname on Instagram is "heard8336" 

Here are some lovely pictures from her profile:

Amber Heard Instagram Private

Amber Heard Instagram Private

By the way, we learn that she will be the maid of honor at the her friend's wedding.