Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Amber Heard

April 22 is a very important date for fans of actress Amber Heard. Millions fans around the world are celebrating this date. Because that day, in 1986 she was born in Austin, Texas. This year, the actress turned 33. Amber celebrated her birthday with her friends and family. On Instagram, actresses appeared brief accounts of these days. Often friends surprised her in the restaurants serving a birthday cake and singing 'Happy Birthday'. We also join the birthday wishes, wishing her all the best!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fans on Loreal Instagram want removal Amber Heard from the advertising campaign

Amber Heard for Loreal face ambassador

We have just written about Amber's problem with lawsuit filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Now, new complications are getting ready. After divorce, actress's financial situation deteriorated. It has even been suggested, that she was homeless for some time and stayed with friends. That is why Amber Heard filed to the court for the award of her alimony. She estimated her monthly expenses at $ 44,000:

"These monthly costs include $ 10,000 a month for annuities, $ 10,000 a month for eating, $ 2,000 a month for eating out, $ 3,000 a month for health care, which is $ 10,000 a month for pet supplies and public relations, agent and attorney costs. " -

However, after the case was finished in court, when the emotions have subsided, Amber's professional life revived. While still being Johnny's wife, she won casting for the role of Mera in The Aquaman super production. She also supported #metoo movement, organizations against violence and helped Syrian refugees. Positive energy around her person caused, that L'oreal Paris noticed her. Actress became their global face and brand ambassador. Lucrative contracts significantly improved financial situation and helped stabilize. The good streak continued until ex-husband, the movie star, Johhny Depp filed a lawsuit for $ 50 million against her. The case is defamation, falsification of evidence in court, physical abuse and betrayal of marriage. This time, Johnny Depp is in the role of plaintiff. As soon as information about it reached the media, fans of the film and cosmetics brand reacted quickly. Fans demanded to remove the actress from the Aquaman cast. They created a petition: At the moment, over 16 thousands people have signed the document. In turn, fans of the L'oreal brand on the official Instagram profile demand removal Amber Heard from the advertising campaign. Women threaten not to buy the product advertised by the actress. PR representatives of both brands have a real problem. They will probably succumb to the pressure of the fans and will not risk ruin the good image that they have reached. So far, none of the PR teams has taken an official position in this matter. Amber's professional life has become complicated, but she shouldn't worry if she is innocent. Even if she loses her contracts, she can file a lawsuit for damages if she proves her innocence.