Thursday, January 30, 2020

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Amber Heard Instagram

After several months of absence from Instagram, we are back! We have a new account, which is a collection of the best Amber Heard photos. Username is amber_heard_photos <- click here. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

What is Amber Heard favorite perfume

What is Amber Heard's favorite perfume? What perfumes does the actress use every day? How does it smell I think many of her fans are interesting. Recently, Amber has revealed this secret. However, if you think that she likes expensive perfumery brands and sensual fragrances that best suit her, then you are wrong. It turned out that the star promotes natural solutions. Here's what she said in an interview for Glamor magazine:

"I don't have a go-to perfume. I like to mix oils because I feel your sense of smell and what you're drawn to is a reflection of your body chemistry. It should be fluid and changeable, kind of like your lip shade or your hair color. I like mixing and matching."
As you can see, the actress simply mixes the fragrance oils together to get the right effect. Unfortunately, she did not say which fragrance oils are her favorites. In 2013, Ambeer Heard became the face of a guess brand campaign promoting perfumes from the Girl: Girl, Belle and Summer. The photo session is kept in a pin up holiday mood. The actress's look is inspired by Marylin Monroe.

Amber Heard guess perfume

Amber Heard guess perfume model

Amber Heard guess perfume

Amber heard Brunette

Amber Heard at Guess Girl perfume Launch

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

BLING BLING Party looks by Amber Heard

Hello in New Year 2020! I hope it will be good for us. :) It is time for carnival and parties. The Oscars award gala is also ahead of us. In today's post I have for you a bunch of inspiration for a party look. Starting with makeup and ending with evening dresses. Amber Heard is a real red carpet star and knows how to attract photographers' attention. More than once her creations have gained the name of a cult, and she herself is a valued icon of style. Most of the photos come from photo sessions and gala on the red carpet. There is gold (lots of gold), sequins, glitter and feathers. And the icing on the cake - of course, red lips, which are the actress's hallmark.

Amber Heard party makeup

Let's start with the make-up photo session for the Allure magazine from December 2017. Beautiful photos show a make-up in glamor version. Rich jewelry, red lips and shiny dresses. 

Amber Heard body Lingerie

Amber Heard body Lingerie

Black body with intriguing cut-outs and stripes, decorated with gold plates. Make-up version richly, both eyes and lips were highlighted - although the first ones play the first horsetail here. Exaggerated, theatrical eyelashes attached, plus a lot of glitter on the eyelids. As if that wasn't enough, the lips were highlighted with red lipstick. Wearing such makeup, you will certainly not go unnoticed.

Amber Heard makeup face

Gold and white crystals in the lead role. They have been glued around the eyes for a baroque baroque appearance. Eyelashes have a standard length, so diamonds stand out in the foreground. The background is perfectly smooth skin and matte red lips. The nails were painted with pink and decorated with glitter. For this style Amber put on a fur coat.

Amber Heard makeup face

Makup inspired by the phoenix. Look at these orange feathers on creation and the red flames around the eyes. The crystals glued around the eyes add splendor. Red lips were the obvious choice. Definitely my favorite version.

Amber Heard makeup face

Amber Heard makeup face

Amber Heard sexy photos

Amber Heard in golden dresses

Amber Heard red carpet look style

Amber Heard reminds me of Sharon Stone here. A dress that emphasizes the figure, a simple strapless cut, trimmed with structural gold-colored sequins falling into copper.

Amber Heard red carpet look style

A really Hollywood look! Blonde platinum waves, red lips and sequin long dress in a shade of pale gold. Tulle bottom of the dress gives lightness and ethereal silhouette.

Amber Heard red carpet look style

Legendary satin champagne wrapped dress. Hairstyle like a mermaid.

Amber Heard in black sequined dresses

Black next to gold and red is one of the most stylish colors. Let's see Amber in such a look. So pretty and glamorous.

Amber Heard red carpet look style

A long black sequin gown with scaled arms and a deep neckline. To this black laquered high heels from Christian Louboutin. Classical makeup with severed lips and carelessly pinned blond waves.

Amber Heard red carpet look style

Black sequin suit and white shirt. The look inspired by men's fashion has been emphasized by smoothly combed hair and strong eyeliner on eyes.

Amber Heard red carpet look style

A very short black sequin dress with a bold neckline. Hair draped in a braid crown.

That's all, I hope you liked the inspirations. Let me know in the comment setion which look is your favorite. Meanwhile, happy new year!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween costumes inspired by Amber Heard

Amber Heard can't wait for halooween. On October 13, she published photos of her dog Pistol in a bee costume on Instagram. Pictures had the caption 'You know it's Halloween Season when ...'. Amber laughed playing with a dog that pretended to be a bee. The view was really charming. Currently the actress is in Vancouver, Canada, where she will probably spend Halloween. This is one of the most popular parties in throughout the year in the US, Canada and Great Britian.

 Amber Heard Halloween 2016

Amber Heard at Halloween party in 2016.

We decided to prepare a set of photos of Amber Heard in creations ideal for reproduction in Halloween costumes. Get inspired and enjoy it.

We start with a Victorian Claes Iversen's dress from the Spring Summer '18 Couture collection. Actress wore her at the Tribeca Festival gala this April. The black see-through dress is quite bold and reveals a lot of body with an accent on the legs and buttocks. Lace and tulle brings to mind the gothic dark mood. A similar creation will be perfect for a Halloween party. Amber pulled off the dress at the waist with a wide leather belt and selected mesh black gloves.

Amber Heard ass

Amber Heard smiling

Amber Heard laugh

Amber Heard makeup red carpet

Amber Heard autograph fans

Amber Heard tribeca 2019

Claes Iversen's Spring Summer '18 Couture collection

Another suggestion seemed almost obvious for us. Mera's costume that Amber Heard wore in Aquaman 2. We are sure you can find the ready-made items in local stores or online, or make a similar costume yourself.

Amber Heard Mera costume

Amber Heard in a photo session for the Wonderland Magazine poses in a look inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Red lips, peculiar hairstyle, white ruff and black dress. Extravagant look and makeup are a great inspiration for Halloween.

Amber Heard Alice in Wonderland Magazine

We wish Amber a happy Halloween. Amber Heard uses the last carefree months of this year. Next year promises to be very stressful for her. Here is what the media inform about this matter. In February, a lawsuit will be initiated by her ex-husband - Johnny Depp. Actor accuses Amber of libel and prepared a number of evidence and testimonies about her lies. One of the witnesses is the interior designer Laura Divenere, who worked with Amber while arranging a suite in New York belonging to Johnny Ddepp. Actress was buying a lot of things for the apartment at that time and the designer was carrying her parcels on the day when supposedly Amber was supposed to have a bruised face. The designer testified that she did not see any signs of beating on Amber's face. Entrepreneur Ellon Musk who had an affair with Amber was also called to court. Lawyers ordered to give them all his correspondence with Amber. We will observe this situation.