Sunday, April 30, 2017

Epic Amber Heard dancing with a horse

It is true magic in this woman! Amber Heard posted an amazing video on her Instagram. We can see there an actress and a beautiful, majestic black horse. Amber trains with her horse a special walk, reminding dance. This is done on the grass in the garden. Amber Heard grew up in Austin, Texas. She mentioned that her father (David Heard) was in charge of wild horse training, apparently inheriting her love for these animals and talent.

"I was around a lot of young, spirited, untrained horses and learned how to ride in a very aggressive manner." - Amber said in Marie Claire
Of the three daughters, Amber was brought up as a son. She accompanied her father in hunting and fishing.

"I was very girly on the inside, but my dad was not raising a girly girl. He was raising someone who could keep up with him." - Amber mentioned in Marie Claire

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Amber has one more beige horse, called Arrow. It is said, one of this animals is a gift from her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard horse riding

Horse riding with dad.

Amber Heard horse arrow

Amber Heard riding horse

Arrow - Amber's horse

pics: - official Amber Heard's account.

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