Thursday, October 6, 2016

Amber Heard loves red lips

If we choose the hallmarks Amber Heard, certainly it would be the red lips. She believes that nothing changes the appearance of a woman like red lipstick. Amber puts on red lips on exceptional occasions. Casual she prefers shades of nude.

Burgundy lips and strong eyebrows

Strongly marked eyebrows and eyelashes. The rest of the makeup very minimalist. Both bronzer and blusher are properly omitted. Pale porcelain face is the perfect background for eyes and lips.

Amber Heard makeup Red Lips

Juicy red lips and smokey eye

Look in the style of old movie stars. Red lips and smokey eye in shades of brown. Golden blonde curls and red satin dress with a deep neckline.

Amber Heard makeup Red Lips

Natural look with classic red lips

Fresh and natural. Very delicate make-up with focus on the lips highlighted with red lipstick. The ideal luminaire of face are dissolved waves. So pretty!

Amber Heard makeup Red Lips

Raspberry Lips and eyeliner

Retro look once again. This time, Amber has arranged hair in a bun. Accentuated lips in raspberry color, eyeliner and appetizing tan.

Amber Heard makeup Red Lips

Warm red lips and delicate smokey eye

Illuminated face, rest of the makeup is matte. Mouth dominated by warm reds and subtle eye makeup. Attracts attention very decorative collar dress.

Amber Heard makeup Red Lips

In an interview for Marie Claire, the actress reveals that her favorite cosmetic is red lipstick.

Which Amber's look is your favorite?


  1. Amber gold sramber kim ona jest???

  2. Nice video! She is so charming.